AirPrime MC73XX FW Package Build 4399 Release Notes

Jul 09, 2016 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.12 - 3468 Views

Download the release notes for MC73xx firmware and PRI package build 4399

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AirPrime MC73xx FW Package Build 4399

This package includes approved operator images comprised of FW and PRI. Packages are available for the MC7354, MC7350, MC7330 and MC7304, EM7355, EM7305, EM7330:

AirPrime MC73XX-8805 AT Command Reference
This document describes proprietary, password-protected AT commands available for Sierra Wireless AirPrime® MC 9x15-based intelligent embedded modules. These commands are intended for use by OEMs, and are supplemental to the standard AT commands for GSM devices defined by the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) in TS 27.007 AT command set for User Equipment (UE) and TS 27.005 Use of Data Terminal Equipment—Data Circuit terminating Equipment (DTE-DCE) interface for Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (BSE).
USB drivers Linux DIP Software 3.6_1.7.50
Latest USB drivers Linux DIP Software 3.6_1.7.50
AirPrime USB Driver Developer’s Guide

This guide is intended for use when designing non-Windows drivers for Sierra Wireless Modules.

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