AirVantage Ready compliance HL6528/HL6528-G

Mar 03, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 3729 Views

Sierra Wireless setup AirVantage Ready Program to ensure smooth device-to-cloud integration and good user experience of AirVantage M2M Cloud with M2M devices.

This page provides the features supported by this device series.


Compliant Firmware Versions : 

Hardware Compatibility  Firmware version FW2.00
Firmware version FW3.00
Firmware version FW6.00
 HL6528 2.8V HL6N_002_00_200B_p7151A  HL6N_003_00_200B_p7175C  HL6N_006_00_20CF_p7318A
 HL6528 1.8V
HL6N_002_00_200B_p7149A  HL6N_003_00_200B_p7173C  HL6N_006_00_20CF_p7317A
 HL6528-G 2.8V
HL6N_002_00_200F_p7152A  HL6N_003_00_200F_p7176B  HL6N_006_00_20CF_p7261C
 HL6528-G 1.8V HL6N_002_00_200F_p7150A  HL6N_003_00_200F_p7174C  HL6N_006_00_20CF_p7260C

Application Data Framework : 

  • With MQTT Client on Host Processor

Firmware Upgrades :

  • HL6528x (non-GNSS)

Not available
  • HL6528x-GNSS

Upgrade from  FW2.00 to FW3.00 :  available

Upgrade from FW3.00 to FW 6.00 : requires two additional intermediate steps

FW3.00 ---> transit FW4.31 ---> transit FW5.14--->FW6.00

System Monitoring :

Application Upgrades :

  • No

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