AirVantage Ready Program

Jul 27, 2023 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 15475 Views


Sierra Wireless setup a device-to-cloud certification program, called AirVantage Ready Program, to ensure smooth integration of devices with AirVantage M2M Cloud for the best-in-class user experience of the whole end-to-end solution.


Sierra Wireless provide and maintain a complete catalog of Sierra Wireless devices interoperable with AirVantage M2M Cloud.


For each Sierra Wireless AirVantage Ready device, you can get the level of compliance of each device such as:


AirVantage Ready devices Catalog

AirLink Devices

Airprime modules


AirVantage Ready for other devices

Sierra Wireless will provide also the means to certify third party embedded applications with AirVantage M2M Cloud, those applications should use an application framework based on a standard protocol compliant with AirVantage M2M Cloud such as MQTT.

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