WPxxxx Recovery Procedure

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Your device may have been broken by loading a Custom Firmware including either a non working Linux kernel (kernel panic ?) or a non working legato application framework (badly rebuilt from open source ?). In such case, you need to use low level tools which are hardware specific in order to communicate with the device bootloader and reflash the device with a new working firmware. The operation is only possible through USB ("DM" port).

This page describes the recovery procedures to reflash a broken device through USB.

It is highly recommended to NOT use Virtual Machine on host (the low level USB connection is often not working in Virtual Machine environment).

Instructions for Developer Studio users
(native Windows, native Linux)

Follow the Firmware Recovery Instructions with Developer Studio.

Instructions for Linux CLI users
(native Linux)

1. Install legato-spm and swiflash tools

2. Launch in a terminal the following command to install on your host the latest available firmware device image that will be used to operate the recovery procedure
legato-spm -i -m WP85XX --update-link
          (where WP85XX could be replaced by other target like AR755X, AR865X, WP85XX, WP750X, WP76XX)

3. Power on your target, Connect your target through USB

4. Launch in a terminal the following command to recover your target by downloading the latest available firmware device image
swiflash -m "WP85XX" -i $WP85_DEVICE_IMAGE/image.spk

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