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    General FAQ

    How can I contact support?

    Our support is available to answer your questions and concerns.

    • You can contact support directly from your AirVantage account
    • Once logged in, expand the user menu and select the Need Help? link or alternatively use the Contact technical support link from the start page of your AirVantage account at .
    • This will direct you to a list of resources that can help you including how to contact the support.

    Which browsers are supported by AirVantage?

    The compatible Web browsers are: Internet Explorer (9 and later), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

    It is highly recommended to choose Google Chrome. Safari and Firefox come second and then IE.

    How often do I get an invoice?

    We send an invoice on a monthly basis.

    I have lost an invoice. What can I do?

    You can retrieve your past invoices from your AirVantage account in pdf format.

    How can I check AirVantage or Connectivity services health?

    We are transparently communicating on all Sierra Wireless services live availability using page The status page can be easily accessed from the AirVantage login page.

    For each service, information can be found on:

    • Live operational state of the different components
    • Next planned maintenance windows
    • Incidents that have occurred in the past

    We also invite you to subscribe to receive proactive notifications when one or more services are experiencing an outage and to be informed of any upcoming planned maintenances. To subscribe, simply click on ‘Subscribe to updates’ from the status page itself.

    Among the wide list of products proposed within the status page, we suggest that you subscribe to the ones that make sense for your AirVantage offer i.e. AirVantage - Connectivity & Device Management, FOTA edition. You shall pick the components User interface, Web services API, Device Frontend and eventually Data Push if you have subscribed to the option.

    Don’t forget to clear all services for which you don’t want to receive notifications not to be spammed by unrelated outages!

    Can I use an API to manage my devices?

    Yes, AirVantage provides an API you can use to perform some automation or integrate with another tool you are using.

    Check out our Getting Started with AirVantage API document.