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    How to transfer a dashboard to a partner?

    This page explains how to transfer a dashboard to another partner’s company.

    Pre requisites:

    1. You must have the permission User Interface > Dashboards > Manage (share and transfer) to transfer your dashboards to the target company.
    2. A partnership must exist between your company and the target company and you must be Administrator of the target company to transfer a dashboard.
    3. You can’t transfer the initial dashboard. First, clone it as a new dashboard before transfering it.

    To transfer your dashboard:

    1. Select the dashboard to transfer and display it
    2. Open top right dashboard menu and select Transfer to partner item
    3. A dialog box opens to select the partner to transfer to

    This copies your dashboard from your repository to the target company’s shared repository: all the users of the partner’s company can access the dashboard.

    You can modify your dashboard without any impact on the partner’s dashboard.