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    How to configure my AirPrime module for AirVantage?

    Configure your embedded module

    Before you register your AirPrime module in AirVantage you need to check it has been configure to communicate. Please note that this procedure is also valid for AirLink programmable modems (GL and FX series).

    The module can be configured to communicate periodically with AirVantage using the AT command AT+WDSC=3,xx (xx in minutes). This is the heartbeat period.

    If you need to trigger a connection before the next heartbeat period, then you can use the AT command AT+WDSS=1,1.

    The communication with AirVantage is using TCP/IP. By default, the module gets its IP address from the APN configured with the command AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“carrierapn”

    As an option, if you want to use a dedicated APN for module monitoring traffic, you can configure it using the AT+WDSS=0,“my apn”. If you don’t need to use a dedicated APN for device monitoring traffic, the module will retrieve the first valid APN configured in the records set with AT+CGDCONT command.

    To register an AirPrime module, an FXT009, FX100 or a GL you need to provide the Serial number and the IMEI.

    You can get the serial number of the module with the command AT+WMSN.

    You can get the IMEI of the module with the command AT+WIMEI?.

    Module connection troubleshooting

    Few errors can occur during the device communication with AirVantage. The rootcause can be understood using local device indications.

    You may need to configure the device to get local indication with command AT+WDSI=8191.

    In the examples given, the device will initiate the connexion to the server (Polling mode).

    Optionnally configure the APN (at+wdss=0) according to the sim card you are using

    If you don’t need to use a dedicated APN for device monitoring traffic, the module will retrieve automatically the first valid APN configured in the records set with AT+CGDCONT command. You can jump to next section.


    AT+WDSS=0,“apn-name”, “login”,“pwd”

    To check the current configuration

    AT+WDSS? +WDSS: 0,“apn-name”,“login”,“pwd” +WDSS: 1,0

    Initiate a connection to AirVantage

    To initiate your first connection to the server, your device should be already registered on the server.

    +WDSI: 4
    +WDSI: 6
    +WDSI: 8
    At this point, your device connect, managed authentication and execute the job pending on the server.
    The first connection after registration, AirVantage synchronizes the system.

    During furture connections if there is no job to execute on the server for the module the sequence will be:

    +WDSI: 4
    +WDSI: 8

    If the notifications from the module are different, check the AT command Reference guide or look at the next sections in this page.

    Device can not get an internet connexion with the network : GPRS error or APN error

    If the device indication is: +WDSI: 7

    This is an issue with the 2G/3G connection or with the APN setting.

    Check the SIM can attach to GPRS network.

    +CGATT: 1
    +CGREG: 1
    If you don’t manage to get these answers, you should try with a valid sim card

    Once this is Ok, you may need to double check the APN configured. If it still fails, then try to test with another APN or Sim card.

    Device is not registered on the server

    If the device indications are:

    +WDSI: 4
    +WDSI: 7

    Your device seems not correctly registered on the server: you may want to check the device identifier: IMEI.

    Device can not be authenticated

    If the device indications are:

    +WDSI: 4
    +WDSI: 5

    Your device is not accepted by the server.

    Can be due to an error on the serial number registered in the server.

    Pin activation status

    Before all check of your device, your sim card shall be inserted in the device and PIN code validated or deactivated.


    If the answer is different, please check your sim card or validate your PIN: AT+CPIN=xxxx.