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    How to use usage reports to dispatch the connectivity costs among customers or business units?

    Data usage reports

    In the My Account>Billing section, next to each invoice, you can retrieve a data usage report.

    This report will list all past month usages that have been taken into account for billing, meaning closed sessions that have been rated on the previous month. The consumptions are aggregated per SIM, offer, customer and labels. It can happen that the same SIM is listed twice, for example if there has been a Change Offer done during the month, to distinguish the usages done on each offer. Same for customer or labels. As the report is usage centric, SIMs that did not consume any data during the month are not listed.

    The format of the data usage report is a csv file. If you want to import it in Excel, you may want to check How to edit csv files?

    How to dispatch the costs per customer or business units?

    If you are using subaccounts to segregate your fleet between customers, you can easily dispatch the costs per each subaccount using the customer field.

    If you are handling all the SIMs in the same account, you can for example use labels to identify each customer. The label shall be easily identifiable such as for example ‘CUST-XXX’, with customer name or customer ID. If you’ve opted for this label based solution, you can use the label field of the data usage report to dispatch the costs.

    We’ve provided an example in the Excel file: Usage Report with Pivot examples . This excel file is based on a data usage report in which we’ve added 3 pivot tables for analysis of the data consumptions based on different aggregations:

    • per offer to enable you to validate the amount of usages charged in the invoice
    • per customer using the customer field
    • per customer using the label fields taking into account that customers are tagged with label ‘CUST-XXX’ as suggested above