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    Getting Started

    Step 1: Introduction before you start using your Smart SIM

    This section provides instructions for the first use of Sierra Wireless SIM cards.
    It lists the initial requirements of the SIM regarding module and application configuration.

    Wireless module pre-requisites

    If you are using a Smart SIM (Lite or Advanced), in order to get the Smart SIM function properly with a given module, please make sure that:

    • The SIM Application Toolkit (STK) is active on the module
    • Set the module in automatic network selection
    • GPRS/Packet data auto attachment mode must be active on the module for the SmartSIM Advanced.

    Please refer to the AT command reference manual of your wireless module to verify these configurations and adjust them if necessary.

    A complete list of module pre-requesites are described in the Sierra Wireless Device requirements document.

    If you are using an Easy SIM or a ClassicSIM, there is no specific requirements towards the module.

    The PIN code is disabled by default in the SIM card. It can be enabled if needed; If needed, please ask the PIN code to your support contact.

    Application pre-requisites for Smart SIM

    Upon first start-up of the device with a Smart SIM, the device must wait until the network scan is complete with all configured roaming agreements: order of magnitude is 15 minutes.

    • During this period, No data, SMS or Voice communications must be attempted.
    • Reboot shall be avoided as well or the first start-up scan will have to start over.

    For following start-ups:

    • For the SmartSIM Lite or Advanced, network attachment shall take around 15 seconds
    • For tailored SIM, network attachment may take 1 to 2 minutes depending on the module and the network conditions.

    Using SMS and Voice

    In order to send SMS or initiate voice calls, the international format for the destination number must be used: 00 or +, followed by the phone number without the first 0. Examples:

    • +12004510000 or 0012004510000 for a US destination number
    • +4479377000000 or 004479377000000 for a UK destination number

    A list of international country codes can be found at

    Step 2: Order New SIMs

    You can order SIM cards directly from your AirVantage account, once your account is commercial. During connectivity trial phase, test SIMs are automatically sent to you upon sales request.

    Order new SIMs

    • Login to your AirVantage account at
    • Follow the Order link
    • Select the product you want to order
    • Confirm delivery address
    • Track the progress of the shipment from the order details screen

    You will receive an email notification when SIMs will be shipped.

    Step 3: Activate the service on your SIMs

    The SIM cards need to be activated before it can registers and communicate on the wireless network.

    Activate SIMs

    • Login to your AirVantage account at
    • Follow the Manage my connectivity link
    • Select the SIM cards you want to use
    • Activate the service on these SIMs by selecting the offer of choice

    Configuring the APN

    Once the SIM is activated, you will need to configure the APN on the module or device.

    To know which APN to configure, once the SIM is activated, go on Systems > Details and check the authorized APN in the System Info widget:

    In the case shown above, the APN that shall be configured on the device is internet.swir, but in your case, depending on your location, on whether you have opted for the private APN option, the authorized APN may be different. Use the one that is displayed for your account.

    Step 4: Monitor your connectivity

    Track airtime usage of your SIMs and configure alerts to be notified if something goes wrong.

    Visualize airtime consumption

    • From your AirVantage account
    • Follow the Manage my connectivity link

    The Dashboard shows some information on your fleet of SIMs:

    • How many are activated versus inventory or retired
    • How many are within the plan or exceeding/nearing plan
    • Month to date cumulated data usage on a graph

    Drill down to an individual SIM shows:

    • Month to date cumulated usage graph
    • Consumtion status versus the plan
    • Daily consumption graph
    • Daily session count

    Setup alerts

    Avoid bill shock by setting up alerts when airtime consumption plan thresholds are being reached.

    • From your AirVantage account
    • Follow the Manage my connectivity link
    • Create your own rule, clicking on Configure > Alert rules menu

    All set!

    Now your Smart SIM shall be ready to use, you can take a look at the management features at your disposal: Sierra Wireless Connectivity Management Features.

    Also as an administrator, you can now provide access to your AirVantage account to other users.

    Facing an issue in any of the steps?

    Please check our FAQ section , use documentation search engine to find related information or contact our technical support team from your account: