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Having a question on Sierra Wireless Connectivity?
Please check this page and contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

How can I contact support?

Our support is available to answer your questions and concerns.

  • You can contact support directly from the start page of your AirVantage account at

  • Once logged in, click on Contact technical support link

  • Our team will reply directly to your email

Which browsers are supported by AirVantage?

The compatible Web browsers are: Internet Explorer (9 and later), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

It is highly recommended to choose Google Chrome. Safari and Firefox come second and then IE.

Is it possible to suspend the subscription from AirVantage?

Yes, you can suspend some of your SIMs you don’t use for a period of time of to prevent it to generate traffic on the network.

To Suspend a SIM:

  • From your AirVantage account, follow the Manage your Connectivity link
  • Select Monitor > Systems menu
  • Select the SIMs you want to suspend
  • Click on Suspend button

How can I trigger the Test-Ready Mode?

To benefit of the test ready mode, you simply need to activate the SIM on a Test Ready Mode compatible offer. For more details on Test Ready Mode, you can refer to the Life Cycle section of Monitor Refence.

What is the difference between suspending and terminating a subscription?

When a SIM card is suspended the traffic to and from the SIM card is blocked. The monthly subscription fee still applies. The SIM can easily be resumed. To terminate a SIM means that the SIM is decommissioned definitively from the network, there is no way to turn it back on. When a SIM is terminated, there is no more subscription cost associated with it.

I cannot connect to the network with my SIM card

There may be several reasons explaining why a system cannot connect to the network.

First reason can be that the service is not yet activated for your SIM.

To check whether a specific SIM is activated, you can go to the Manage my connectivity link and Monitor menu. You can then use the filtering capabilities to find your SIM given the Name you put on it, ICCID or other criteria. If the icon next to your SIM name is the one representing Inventory: it means that your system is not activated yet.

You can check in the Operation menu if an activation operation has already been launched on this system. If so, you can click on the operation to get the operation details.

Another reason can be that your module is not configured properly, we recomend to check the following pre-requisites:

  • The SIM Application Toolkit (STK) is active on the module
  • The module in configured to run automatic network selection
  • GPRS/Packet data auto attachment mode must be active on the module for the advanced subscription

Another reason can be that the APN is not correctly configured. The default APN is

A badly configured APN or an APN not allocating the expected fixed IP address will result into the device not being able to communicate or receive data.

If these are the symptoms that you keep experiencing, please contact our support team for further investigation.

A complete list of module pre-requesites are described in the Sierra Wireless Device requirements document.

If you are not able to attach on specific LTE only networks, such as Verizon, Sprint in the US or KDDI in Japan, you may want to check the options that you have activated on your systems. If you have activated some circuit switched related options, those networks will not be available as we can only provide data services when roaming to those networks. On the contrary, if you activate only data services options, we optimize coverage by adding the capability to roam on those networks. For more information, please refer to How to Change Provisioning Options?

Usage is not reporting in the usage widgets

Please note that usage data is only updated in the usage widgets of the user interface every hour. Usage history and timeline will display the start (resp. stop) of data session in near real time (usually in a matter of seconds) and voice usages (VOICE, SMS, USSD) will be fresh from the last 15 minutes.

I have ordered SIM cards but I haven’t received them yet. What can I do?

When you place a SIM order to us, a status of this order is accessible from your AirVantage account. As soon as the order state is changed to shipped, we are supposed to send you an email with the information to track the parcel delivery (DHL or NorPost).

How often do I get an invoice?

We send an invoice on a monthly basis.

I have lost an invoice, what can i do?

You can retrieve your past invoices from your AirVantage account in pdf format.

Can I use API to manage my SIM cards?

Yes, AirVantage provides API you can use to perform some automation or integrate with another tool you are using.

Check out our Getting Started with AirVantage API document.