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    How to activate a ClassicSIM Verizon?

    To activate a ClassicSIM Verizon, you must assign an IMEI to the system prior to activation. Otherwise, you will see the activation errors shown below.

    For a single system, you can assign the IMEI by editing the system.

    For multiple systems, you can assign IMEI information by creating a template, adding IMEI information to the .csv file, and then uploading the template.

    Edit one system to add its IMEI

    In Monitor > Systems select the system on which you want to add the IMEI and click on the Edit button in the More menu . Alternatively, you can use the Edit button from the system details window.

    A popup will be displayed in which you can enter the IMEI.

    Edit systems in bulk to assign multiple IMEIs

    AirVantage also provides the capability to add IMEIs for a large number of systems at once. From Monitor > Systems, filter the list of systems and check the ones for which you want to add the IMEI and click the More menu, followed by Import & Edit:

    The Import & Edit window appears.

    Under Step 1: Get template, download the template.

    In the downloaded .csv file, fill the column “GATEWAY[IMEI]” with the required IMEIs and save the updated file. Make sure your editing software does not transform the ICCIDs.

    Under Step 3: Finalize, import the updated template and finalize by clicking the Import & Edit button.