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How to create a new alert rule?

Alert rules are configured from the Alert Rules section. For more information, see What is an Alert Rule? .

To create a new alert rule

  1. Click on Configure > Alert Rules.
  2. Click on Create. The New Alert Rule page opens.
  3. Select a template. A template is an alert rule example with pre-filled condition values based on the selected template.
  4. Optionally change some values of the pre-filled condition, and/or add more conditions to your alert rule.
  5. Set the alert:
    • Name
    • Description
  6. Add one or several actions:
    • Send an email - e-mails of your company users automatically appear when clicking in the To field. An E-mail preview is automatically generated based on the alert name, description. The email sent by AirVantage will also include a link to your system monitoring details page
    • Call a callback URL - one or more URLs that will be called via webhooks each time the alert is raised.
    • System suspend - no parameter
    • Changing offer - Select the new offer to set when the alert is raised.
    • Apply label - the label will be added when the alert is raised and remove when the alert disapears.
  7. Click on Save.

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