AirLink  AM/AMM

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AirLink Manager (AM) and AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) collect and analyze data from fleets of AirLink routers and gateways. AM is an on-premises network management solution focused on customers with fixed deployments; AMM offers on-premises or cloud-based network management for customers with mobile fleets.

These systems provides managers with a virtual dashboard to securely track, manage, and troubleshoot all mobile resources, modify configurations, monitor network coverage, troubleshoot IT devices and more. Email alerts and real-time map views identify resource utilization and optimize the true value of your mobile workforce.

To augment the fleet status snapshot provided by the dashboard, historical reports are used for deeper analysis and troubleshooting. Both AM and AMM include core reports that provide administrators a means to assess overall fleet health and troubleshoot problems.

Please note that both AM and AMM are developed on the same core software platform. As a result, all material on this web site for AM is provided in one place, under “AMM”.

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