Developer Studio Release notes History

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Open AT Developer Studio Release notes

This page lists all releases notes of Open AT Developer Studio

AirPrime - Developer Studio Installation - Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial on step-by-step Developer Studio installation for Open AT Application Framework

AirPrime - Embedded Debugging in Developer Studio - Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial on Embedded Debugging within Developer Studio.
AirPrime - New Package Installation in Developer Studio - Video Tutorial

Video tutorial on new software package installation (e.g. new Open AT Application Framework release, new partner libraries, ...) in Developer Studio.

AirPrime - USB driver for Windows 7 & 8.1 (SL6087, Q26 series, WMP series)

AirPrime - USB driver for Windows 7 &  8.1   (SL6087, Q26 series, WMP series)

Debugging Tools - Application Note

There are currently multiple tools available to log the AirPrime Q26 Series, WMP Series and SL6087 to both debug Open AT applications and provide information to Sierra Wireless technical support for in depth analysis of problems. This document outlines the tools available, how they should be used to provide information to Sierra Wireless and developers and also suggests filters to be using in common scenario's

AirPrime - Using Developer Studio - Startup Guide - Application Note

This application note describes some concepts in using Developer Studio and shows various snapshots in using it. These snapshots shows the sequence of using Developer Studio, and also functions as a quick start-up guide.

Developer Studio 3 Getting Started
Developer Studio is the Sierra Wireless IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Open AT and Legato Application Frameworks. This document describes how to setup a new Developer Studio installation, whatever you are using a Linux or a Windows system.
Developer Studio 5 Install Instructions
This document explain how to install Developer Studio
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