WP76xx Firmware Release 6.1

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This page describes the procedure to update WP76xx with the Firmware Release 6.1.

Firmware Update Instructions

You might use one of the following instructions depending of your scenario:

Instructions with one-click tool

 1. Download the USB driver and launch the executable
 2. Download the Firmware .EXE file according to your carrier:
      R6.1 (GCF)

 3. Connect the target's (e.g mangOH) USB cable to your host
 4. Launch the executable and follow instructions

Instructions for Developer Studio users
 (Linux, Windows)

Follow the Firmware Update Instructions with Developer Studio to download and install the following package:

Instructions for Legato CLI users
 1. Download the Firmware .SPK file according to your carrier:
      R6.1 (GCF)
 2. Connect the target's (e.g mangOH) USB cable to your host
 3. Open a terminal and execute the Legato command line:
fwupdate download <file>
Instructions with AirVantage IoT Cloud
Not supported in this release

Release Content

Consult the WP76xx Release 6.1 Customer Release Notes

For Information, this Firmware Release contains the following software components:

Carrier Approval
Modem Firmware MCU Firmware Linux Distribution Base Legato System
SWI9X07Y_02.10.00.00 / 002.012_000

If you build custom Linux Distribution or Base Legato System images for your product, see WP76xx Firmware Release 6.1 Components to create custom firmware packages.

USB Driver

To download the standalone USB driver for Windows, see Driver Build 4773.

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Note: If you require access to older releases, contact your Sierra Wireless representative.

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