WP8548 & WP75xx Firmware Release 16.1 / 17

Jun 18, 2019 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 16.1/17 - 22748 Views

WP8548/WP75xx firmware is available:

  • As pre-built images ready for installation on Windows or Linux hosts. See Installing Firmware Release 16.1/17 Updates, below.
  • As separate components for developers that wish to build custom Linux Distribution or Base Legato System images. See WP8548 & WP75xx Firmware Release 16.1/17 Components to create custom firmware packages.

Installing Firmware Release 16.1/17 Updates

The following methods can be used to install pre-built images on WP8548 & WP75xx modules:
(Windows) 'One-click' tool  1. If not already done, download the latest USB driver and launch the executable.
 2. Download the Firmware 'one-click' (.exe) file for your carrier:
      R16.1 (Generic — GCF/PTCRB) — WP7502, WP7504, WP8548
      R16.1 (AT&T) — WP7504, WP8548
      R16.1 (Sprint) — WP7504
      R17 (Generic — Anatel) — WP8548

 3. Connect the target's (e.g mangOH) USB cable to your host.
 4. Launch the executable and follow instructions.

(Linux) Legato CLI
On the Legato Application Development Kit page, follow the Leaf Workspace Manager instructions to download and install Leaf and set up your CLI development environment. 

Important: In the 'Search for a package' step, use the following to search for the latest packages:
  • For WP8548: leaf search -t wp8548 -t stable -t latest)
  • For WP75xx: leaf search -t wp750x -t stable -t latest)
(Linux QMI SDK)   1. Download the Firmware .SPK file according to your carrier (Note: If your carrier is not listed and you are unsure which Generic to use, check with your carrier.):
      R16.1 (Generic — GCF/PTCRB) — WP7502, WP7504, WP8548
      R16.1 (AT&T) — WP7504, WP8548
      R16.1 (Sprint) — WP7504
      R17 (Generic — Anatel) — WP8548

 2. Follow instructions from the user guide:
      Linux QMI SDK Application Developer's Guide

Developer Studio
Follow the Firmware Update Instructions with Developer Studio to download and install the appropriate package:
  • Release 16.1:
    • Legato for WP85/WP75 R16.1 (18.6.4.wp85-wp75-docker-201811231237) for Windows
    • Legato for WP85/WP75 R16.1 (18.6.4.wp85-wp75-native-x86_64-201811231238) for Linux
  • Release 17:
    • Legato for WP85/WP75 R17 (18.6.4.wp85-wp75-docker-201907181046) for Windows
    • Legato for WP85/WP75 R17 (18.6.4.wp85-wp75-native-x86_64-201907181047) for Linux

Instructions with AirVantage IoT Cloud
 1. On AirVantage, monitor the system to be updated.
 2. Select More > Install Bundle.
 3. Select the desired firmware bundle.
 4. Start the install procedure. The operation will now be "In progress" state and visible in the System Operations widget.

Release Content

Consult the WP8548 & WP75xx Release 17 Customer Release Notes (includes Release 16 notes).

For Information, this Firmware Release contains the following software components:

Carrier Approval
Modem Firmware MCU Firmware Linux Distribution Base Legato System
Generic — GCF/PTCRB     
SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00 / 001.040_000
SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00 / 001.036_000
SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00 / 001.027_000
Generic — Anatel
SWI9X15Y_07.14.01.00 / 001.042_000

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