Open AT Internet Library Protocols

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This tutorial video demonstrates how to handle TCP and UDP sockets, FTP client, HTTP client, SMTP client POP3 client and PING services within the Internet library of Open AT.


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Internet library
This library offers TCP/IP features including UDP and TCP sockets, file transfer protocol (FTP client), email (POP3/SMTP), HTTP, SNMP, PING and MMS. It also enables gateway functionality and IP routing management by providing DHCP server, Port Forwarding, DNS proxy, and NAT feature.
Simple TCP Client - Open AT Sample code

Simple Open AT sample code giving an example of managing a TCP Client socket.

Wireless Internet Gateway - Source code example

Application Description

This application is intended to show an AirLink FX programmable modem, in conjunction with the Ethernet X-card, to operate as an internet gateway allowing a PC to be plugged into it through its Ethernet port and then surf the internet.

The Open AT code includes:
- A DHCP server to automatically allocate IP address to the computers connected on the LAN.
- A web server that prompts an HTTP page to configure the APN and related username and password.

AirPrime and AirLink - FTP Over SSL - Application Note and Source Code Sample
This FTP over SSL (FTPS) application note shows how to interact with an FTPS server through GPRS to perform an FTP PUT and FTP READ action.
AirPrime - TCP-IP and Internet Library 5.54 - Development Guide
This document provides Sierra Wireless customers with a full description of the APIs associated with the IP Connectivity Library.
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