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    Copying Configurations Between Gateways

    The Copy and Configuration Control screens are used to copy a configuration from a source device to one or more target devices.

    The Copy screen is used to specify a configuration as a template from one source gateway, and to allow selection of one or more target gateways. The AMM then prepares the configuration file(s) to be copied.

    The Configuration Control screen is used to apply the configuration files to the selected gateways. The screen also provides information about each target device’s configuration state, and provides additional functions for dealing with out-of-sync configurations.

    The following steps describe this process:

    Note: this procedure applies to both MG and ALEOS devices. However, the target and destination devices must be of the same type.

    1 Navigate to the Gateway tree in the AMM.

    2 Select the device from which the configuration files are to be copied.

    3 Navigate to Configuration > Deployment > Copy :

    Alternatively you can right click on the device and select Copy Configuration :
    One of the following messages will be displayed:

    Please be advised that the source gateway's configuration was last confirmed on Fri Aug 09 11:07:33 PDT 2019. To get a more up-to-date confirmed configuration, please use the Revert action for this gateway on the "Configuration/Deployment/Configuration Control" page.

    This message is displayed for ALEOS gateways because the AMM does not have a reliable way to confirm that it has the latest configuration from the gateway, and so the onus is on the user to confirm this. This may not be displayed for gateways because they usually notify the AMM regarding out-of-band configuration changes. However, if a gateway is not remote enabled, then the message will be displayed. Reverting will instruct the AMM to throw away its copy of the configuration and retrieve the version from the gateway, under the assumption that the user has used a master gateway to build up the configuration to be pushed out to the rest of the fleet.

    The system has detected that the gateway selected as 'Source' for the Copy Config operation is not in Sync, which indicates that AMM does not have the latest configuration from the gateway. It is advised to wait for the sychronization to take place prior to attempting the copy operation again.

    This message may be displayed for ALEOS and MG devices, and indicates that the configuration on the source gateway is not in sync with the AMM. Either wait for a synchronization to occur, or use the Sync Now button on the Configuration Control screen to force a sync.


    • the following functions are available on the Configuration Control screen for these states: Revert, Force, Apply, Hold, and Copy.
    • this screen is also available by locating the source gateway in the Gateway Tree, right-clicking on it, and selecting Copy Configuration.
    • by default, the selected gateway will also be selected as a destination device to copy to, and a respective warning will be displayed indicating this.

    4 Verify that the device in the Source field matches that which was selected in Step 2:

    5 Click on a device from the Gateway tree to select it as a target, or hold down Ctrl and then click on multiple gateways to add multiple targets. This will add the gateway(s) to the Copy Config to field . Alternatively, enter the ESNs or names of one or more devices, separating each device ESN/name with a comma. Be sure that the ESN/number of the source device, which was added by default as a destination device, has been removed from this field.

    6 Select All Files to copy all configuration files, or uncheck this field and select the individual files to copy. Note that some devices only have a single configuration file.

    7 (Optional) Click Skip Version Check to ignore inconsistencies between the source and target device versions. Only enable this option if you are certain that the source and target gateways are compatible, despite any version discrepancies.

    8 (Optional) Click Skip Platform Check (available for ALEOS only) to ignore inconsistencies between the source and target device types. Only enable this option if you are certain that the source and target gateways are compatible, despite any platform discrepancies.

    9 (Optional) Click Reboot automatically after changes are applied (available for ALEOS only). The destination devices will reboot once the selected files have been successfully copied to them. It’s recommended that this option be left as enabled, to match the behavior of ACEmanager.

    10 Click Copy . The selected files will be scheduled for copy to the specified destination devices and the AMM will redirect to the Configuration Control screen. If there is a synchronization issue between the configurations, an error message will be displayed and the AMM will remain on the Copy screen in which case the issues will needed to be resolved manually.

    11 Review the State column on the Configuration Control screen for each target gateway and manually correct or deselect any that are not in the Modified state. For more information see Gateway Configuration States.

    12 Click the Apply button. The changes will be pushed to the devices when they check in and their state will change to Out of sync-local until the configuration update is complete. Once complete, the state will change to In-Sync for MG devices and Config Confirmed for ALEOS devices. Note that for an ALEOS device, this process will start when the device checks in and the download will begin when either a) the next check-in for unscheduled upgrades, or b) the first check-in during the scheduled time period. After the software is downloaded onto the gateway, it will automatically reboot, upon which the new software will be applied. For an MG device, this process will start immediately if the device is online and communicating.