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    GNX Configuration File

    Set AMM destination for GNX3 and GNX6

    To configure the AMM destination in the configuration files for GNX3 and GNX6, the following line should be modified.

    AT!GXAPP SETPARAM TFTP_DATA_SERVER_IP=xx.xx.xx.xx.x25.x16;

    Replace xx.xx.xx.xx with the actual IP address of the AMM. Some customers may use an FQDN, because the public IP address is not static. If so, then the parameter should be change to TFTP_DATA_SERVER_NAME.


    Setup odometer for telemetry

    To setup the odometer, different GNX configurations need to be created for OBDII installations versus HDOBD.

    The parameter REPORT_COLUMNS should be updated.

    For GNX6 with telemetry using J1708/1939 type connectors (HDOBD) REPORT_COLUMNS=; (Derived based on vehicle bus.)

    For GNX6 with telemetry using OBDII connectors,

    REPORT_COLUMNS=; (Derived based on vehicle bus based)

    GNX3 does not support odometer readings as there is no telemetry.

    To set up the odometer for metric, REPORT_UNIT=1