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    Handling Configuration Changes Made Outside of the AMM

    An ALEOS gateway does not automatically notify the AMM of out-of-band changes made locally on the gateway. For example, if an M3DA password change is made locally on the gateway, M3DA communication between the gateway and the AMM will stop working.

    To synchronize the local ALEOS configuration with the AMM, a manual configuration revert must be performed through the AMM to sync the configuration change made on gateway:

    1. Navigate to the Configuration > Deployment > Configuration Control menu in the AMM.
    2. Select the gateway(s) for which the configuration has changed by clicking the checkbox(es) in the Gateway column.
    3. Click Revert and ensure that the state indicates Awaiting Rollback.
    4. Wait for an MSCI checkin by the selected gateway(s). Any communications that are dependent upon the configuration (e.g. M3DA communication between the AMM and gateway(s)) should now be restored.

    Note: when managing AirLink gateways and routers, Sierra Wireless strongly recommends that end users manage their devices through the management system, rather than making changes locally on the device. This will limit issues with the devices and the management system getting out of sync.