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    Identifying the Strength of Passwords on ALEOS Devices

    The Dashboard in AMM 2.16.2 and above includes a column entitled Weak ACEmanager Password that indicates whether or not the login password for an ALEOS device is weak. Note that the column won’t show up for MGOS-only fleets:

    The “Weak ACEmanager Password” Column in the Dashboard.

    The “Weak ACEmanager Password” Column in the Dashboard.

    The value for the column will be set as follows:

    • Yes: when an ALEOS password is set to one of 1,000,000 known weak passwords.
    • No: the password is not set to one of the weak passwords, and is therefore considered strong.
    • N/A: If multiple device types are selected, the column will be set to N/A for all non-ALEOS devices.
    • HTTP: if the device is configured to communicate to the AMM over HTTP, rather than HTTPS, the column will be set to HTTP to indicate that the password state cannot be determined.

    Note: Sierra Wireless does not recommend that devices communicate with our management systems over insecure channels. HTTPS should be used.

    Note: The value of the column is updated when an ALEOS device checks in. However, if the weak password was fixed on ACEmanager, the value won’t be updated automatically; in this case the “Revert” button on Configuration -> Deploy page must be clicked.