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    Setting Thresholds for Sub-Groups or Specific Gateways

    By default, a threshold like Heartbeat usually applies to all gateways. However, it’s often useful to define a modified version of that threshold that applies to a subset of gateways or even an individual gateway.

    For example, consider a case where you have a specific fleet or gateway that should generate a heartbeat event every 30 minutes, but the default Heartbeat threshold is configured to send a warning after two minutes and an error after five minutes. For this specific fleet or gateway, you may want to generate a warning after 30 minutes and an error after 60 minutes.

    To accommodate this, create a new threshold as described in Thresholds with the Stat set to ReportIdleTime, give the threshold the same name (e.g. Heartbeat), and configure the errors and warnings to greater than 660 and greater than 1260 respectively. Then, assign the specific fleet or gateway to that threshold via the Group or gateway field and save the threshold.

    This new threshold will effectively override the default, broader Heartbeat threshold for that specific fleet or gateway. And if you select a parent group in the Dashboard that includes that fleet or gateway, the Heartbeat colors for that fleet or gateway will be based on this new Heartbeat threshold while the colors for all other devices will be based on the original Heartbeat threshold.