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    Configuring udp Forwarder for GNX Devices and Telemetry Data

    The GNX sends data to the AMM where the AMM processes and imports what it needs. When a udp forwarder is configured, the raw data received on the AMM from the GNX is forwarded to a 3rd party server. This feature is available in AMM 2.17.2+.

    The AMM uses rsyslog to forward the GNX data to a remote server. rsyslog will forward all GNX reports to UDP port 514 of the remote server.

    Note : The administrator of the remote server will need to configure /etc/rsyslog.conf and add a firewall rule for UDP port 514. A log rotation rule should also be added to cap the growth of the GNX reports on the remote log server.

    To configure the udp forwarder on the AMM, the following should be done.

    1. As user imtadmin, login to the console.

    2. Switch to user root.

    3. Edit /mnt/amm_data/opt/tomcat/webapps/inmotion/config/amm.cfg

    4. Add GenXRemoteReceiver = XX.XX.XX.XX where XX.XX.XX.XX is the ip address or FQDN of the remote server.

    5. Save the change.

    6. Run amm_config.

    7. Then reboot the server.