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    API Libraries & Examples

    You can use these sample applications to bootstrap the implementation of your applications:

    All of these sample applications are supplied as is.

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    API Libraries

    Node.js example for the AirVantage API (thanks Mahmut Bulut !).

    Example of using the AirVantage REST API in Clojure.

    Simple OAuth2 + JSON client in Go for gathering a list of gateways from AirVantage.

    Example showing how to access the AirVantage API from Ruby.

    AWS Web Server Sample in PHP using the AirVantage API.

    Example showing how to access the AirVantage API from Java. It uses the Scribe library for OAuth authentication.

    Light and flexible shell script to interact with the AirVantage M2M Cloud API via the command line.

    Light and flexible PowerShell script example that interacts with the AirVantage M2M Cloud API via the command line.


    Basic Android application that uses AirVantage credentials for login via the OAuth Authorization code flow. It uses application preferences to store the token and maintain sessions between several application usages (e.g., when the phone reboots).

    Sample Node.js application that shows how to use AirVantage to add a service on top of it. This sample application make use of some of the REST APIs provided, to build a custom UI that fits a specific domain.

    Android application to monitor the state of a printer simulated by your phone, and send this state periodically to the AirVantage platform.

    Universe demonstrates how easy it is to create an IoT application using AirVantage, Android, Facebook, and

    How-to demonstrating the APIs to prepare and launch an upgrade campaign.


    OMA Lightweight M2M LWM2M server implementation written in Java.

    Provides Lua developers with an IDE based on Eclipse, and the user experience developers expect from any other tool dedicated to a static programming language.

    (Formerly liblwm2m) An implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance’s LightWeight M2M protocol (LWM2M).


    Cloud 2 Cloud

    Analyzes the CSV of your AirVantage export operations.

    Rustic data mining toolbox.

    MQTT proxy written in Go.

    Device 2 Cloud

    Synchronizes your Netatmo urban weather station data with Sierra Wireless’ AirVantage M2M Cloud.

    SNMP to AirVantage client written in Go.

    Pushes power meter data to AirVantage via the EDF Teleinfo protocol; written in Go.