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    How to register AirPrime modules into your AirVantage account

    This page applies to Sierra Wireless AirPrime modules and FX30 programmable IoT gateways.

    For AirLink gateways, please refer to this guide instead: Getting Started with Ready-to-Connect AirLink Gateways


    Sierra Wireless devices come pre-provisioned from factory into the AirVantage cloud platform. Before service can be activated on them, devices must be registered into your AirVantage company. This requires creating and importing a simple CSV file.

    In order to follow this guide, you need:

    • An AirVantage user account in a company of type AVC (Connectivity + Device Management)
    • At least one service offer that includes Device Management and/or Connectivity (Smart Connectivity or Enhanced Carrier Connectivity)
    • A list of the devices you wish to import, with, for each one, its IMEI and Serial Number

    Step 1: Prepare your data

    Log into AirVantage with your user account, then go into Monitor > Systems using the menu at the top of the screen.

    Click the arrow next to the life cycle action menu (at the top of the grid), then click Register Systems.

    In the Register Systems dialog, click “Download your template…” and save the template CSV file.

    Open the template file with a text editor (we recommend Notepad++ or Sublime Text).

    Fill the file with one line per device you wish to register (see samples below).

    All lines in your CSV file should pertain to devices of the same type (e.g. RC7611-1). If you have multiple device types to register, please build one CSV file per type.

    Below are two sample CSVs that you may use as reference:

    Sample #1: register Sierra Wireless devices

    "359780080654321","V9876540123456","My module #001"
    "359780080754321","V9876540123457","My module #002"
    "359780080854321","V9876540123458","My module #003"

    Please note that:

    • You should remove columns you don’t need from the template header. All columns in the file you provide are expected to be filled.
    • Any Ready-to-Connect eSIM soldered in your devices will automatically appear upon registration.

    Sample #2: associate Sierra Wireless devices with external SIMs during registration

    "89000000000000654321","ATT","359780080654321","V9876540123456","My module with ECC AT&T #001"
    "89000000000000754321","TMOBILE","359780080754321","V9876540123457","My module with ECC T-Mobile #002"
    "89332401000000854321","SIERRA_WIRELESS","359780080854321","V9876540123458","My module with external Sierra SIM #003"

    Please note that:

    • Pairing a Ready-to-Connect device with an external SIM will lead to the eSIM being replaced with your external SIM on the AirVantage web interface. If you later wish to activate the eSIM, please contact our technical support.
    • If you only wish to pair some devices of a batch with external SIMs, please build two separate CSV files (one with the extra columns and one without).
    • The external SIM cards must already be present in your AirVantage account. If you need to order new SIMs, please refer to the following guide before continuing: How to order new SIMs?

    Step 2: Launch register operation

    In the Register Systems dialog:

    1. Click “Select a CSV…” and pick the CSV file you created at step #1 above
    2. Optional: pick a firmware that matches the type of device you are registering (Ready-to-Connect devices already come with a pre-associated firmware)
    3. Click “Register Systems” to launch the operation

    Step 3: Monitor results

    Back in Monitor > Systems, look for the Operations widget (top right). Refresh it to view the latest Register Systems operation.

    Operations are asynchronous and may take a while to complete. Usually, Register Systems operations are over in a few seconds.

    Click the Register Systems operation to view its details. The operation contains as many tasks as there were lines in your CSV file.

    Each Task has its individual status:

    • In Progress (blue)
    • Success (green)
    • Failure (red)

    The overall operation has a global status:

    • In Progress (blue) if at least one Task is In Progress
    • Success (green) if all Tasks are finished and all of them succeeded
    • Failure (red) if all Tasks are finished and at least one has failed

    If your operation has at least one failed Task, scroll to it and click it to display an error message indicating the reason (in red).

    Register Systems tasks may fail if the target device has already been registered into a different AirVantage account. If you encounter any issue, please contact our technical support team with the encountered failure message.

    Next step

    Now that you have registered your Sierra Wireless devices, you may activate them on a service offer. To do so, please refer to our Getting Started guide.

    Facing an issue with any of the steps?

    Please check out our FAQ section , use the search function above to find relevant information, or contact our technical support team from your account: