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    How to configure Smart Connectivity for LPWA use cases?

    Two settings are important to ensure that your Smart Connectivity Cat-M1 experience is the best it can be:

    • Access Point Name (APN): using a dedicated LPWA APN ensures that the Sierra Wireless network will tolerate longer session times and support PSM/eDRX when authorized by the network partner.
    • Roaming Zone Template (RZT): using a dedicated LPWA Roaming Template ensures that only networks that are part of the official Sierra Wireless Cat-M1 coverage are accessible (as well as 2G networks as a fallback). This improves service and support quality while Cat-M1 is gradually rolled out by carriers around the world.

    Here are the recommended settings for LPWA Cat-M1 connectivity:

    Module technology Recommended APN Recommended Roaming template
    LPWA Cat-M1 lp.swir RZT - WORLD LPWA
    Cat-1+, 3G, 2G internet.swir RZT - WORLD COST LIMITED (or a more restrictive Roaming Zone Template if appropriate)

    If your fleet is exclusively using Cat-M1 connectivity, the above settings are likely to be already configured on your SIMs.

    If you are using a private APN setup, please reach out to your Sierra Wireless account manager with any questions about its configuration.

    Step-by-step configuration

    In order to configure your SIMs in AirVantage:

    • Log into your AirVantage account at
    • Follow the Manage my fleet link
    • Go into Monitor > Systems using the top navigation bar
    • Use the list filters to find systems you wish to reconfigure by IMEI, Name, ICCID or other criteria
    • Tick one or multiple systems using the checkboxes on the left
    • Click the Change provisioning options button in the toolbar:

    • In the dialog, make sure you add the lp.swir APN and select the RZT - WORLD LPWA Roaming Zone Template:

    • Validate by clicking Change Provisioning Options
    • Finally, double-check that your radio module is configured with the correct APN value (lp.swir in this case)