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    How to configure AirVantage to send SMS with HSL?

    This topic explains how to configure AirVantage to send SMS with HSL.

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    Create an account

    You can start creating a trial account for a ’30 days trial for business’, by following this link:

    HSL trial accounts are only available for business users. You can contact their Sales department here:

    • When your account is created, HSL will send you a document with your account connection information.

    Test SMS

    Before you purchase some credits and start configuring this account in AirVantage we recommend you use the trial credits provided, to verify that you can reach your SIM cards from the HSL gateway.

    • Once you have an account with some trial credits, you can configure AirVantage with the Client Id, password and Source address (address range provided by HSL) provided by HSL.