WP76xx Firmware Release 10.1 Components

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This page describes in detail the components included with the Firmware Release, how to build your own custom device image based on Release 10.1 components and how to download it on your product.

The Firmware and its components are mapped into the flash as follows:

Release 10.1 Components

WP76xx Firmware Release 10.1 combined image

Note: If your carrier is not listed and you are unsure which Generic to use, check with your carrier.

Components Revision Binaries  How to rebuild a custom Component ?
Modem Firmware (Generic — GCF/PTCRB)
SWI9X07Y_02.18.05.00 / 002.041_002
 Custom Modem Firmware can NOT be created by customers
Modem Firmware (AT&T)
SWI9X07Y_02.18.05.00 / 002.040_001
 Custom Modem Firmware can NOT be created by customers
Modem Firmware (Sierra Wireless)
SWI9X07Y_02.18.05.00 / 001.002_000
 Custom Modem Firmware can NOT be created by customers
MCU Firmware
MCU Firmware included as part of Linux Distribution
Custom MCU Firmware can NOT be created by customers.
Linux Distribution
 Custom Linux Distribution can be built through Yocto by customers
    • either to add/remove a driver within your Linux kernel
    • or/and to add/remove FOSS (Free Open Source Software) from your Root FileSystem
 To do so, go to next step "Rebuild Linux Distribution or/and Legato from source"
Base Legato System
 Custom Base Legato System can be built by customers

Rebuild Linux Distribution or/and Legato from source

In case where you need to rebuild either the Linux Distribution or Legato or both, you can use the following resources:

 Legato Source Legato Distro Source Linux Distro Licences
18.06.3 Source
SWI9X07Y_02.18.06.00 Source
(Based on Kernel 3.18.44 and Yocto 2.2.2)
Open Source Licenses 32-bit ToolChain
64-bit ToolChain

The instructions to rebuild Legato are available on legato.io.

The instructions to rebuild the Linux Distribution through Yocto project are available here.

Build your custom Device Image

Once you have customized one or several of the components from source, or once you have created your own Base Legato System, it is time to assembly the components in one Device Image.

Instructions for Developer Studio users
(Linux, Windows)
Follow the instructions from Build your own custom Device Image using Developer Studio.
Instructions for Linux CLI users

1. Install swicwe tool
2. To build your own combined image custom-firmware.spk from the following components:
    • Modem Firmware: modemFW.spk
    • Linux Distribution: boot-yocto.cwe
    • Base Legato System: legatoz.cwe

     you need to launch the following command line:

swicwe -o custom-firmware.spk -c modemFW.spk boot-yocto.cwe legatoz.cwe

Note 1:
You may decide to generate a custom Device Image without the full list of components (e.g. without Modem Firmware or without the Linux Distribution). If you do so, when you will flash this image later, only the components included within the custom Device Image package will be updated, the others will remain untouched. By doing this, you shall insure that the untouched components are compliant with the ones you are updating through the custom Device Image.

Note 2: If your custom Device Image is including a Base Legato System, when you will flash this image later, the Overlay Legato System will be erased and reinitialized with the same content as the Base Legato System.


Flash your custom Device Image

After having created your own Device Image, you can load it on your target.

Instructions for Developer Studio users (Linux, Windows)
Follow the Custom Device Image Update Instructions with Developer Studio to install your own combined image created at previous step.
Instructions for Legato CLI users
 1. Connect the mangOH USB cable to your host (or establish any IP connection with the target)
 2. Open a terminal and execute the Legato command line:
fwupdate download <combined_image_file>

Instructions with AirVantage IoT Cloud
Follow the WP Series - AirVantage FOTA & SOTA Guidelines to create the AirVantage package for your custom Device Image, load it on AirVantage and use it to operate Firmware OTA.


In case of failure after having downloaded within the product an unstable custom device image, you can launch a Recovery Procedure to restore a stable firmware.

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