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    Renaming Network and Serial Devices

    The Friendly Name for Network and Serial Devices can be changed via a configuration template.

    The best practice is to create a separate configuration template that only contains the Friendly Name change for any devices.

    1. To rename a rule, first create a template from scratch. See Creating a Configuration Template from Scratch

    2. Select the Network and Serial Devices building block.

    3. Use the + button on the Network Devices to add a Network Device.

    4. The Rename this entry on gateway option provides a convenient method for renaming an existing device on target gateways via the template.

    5. When enabled, the Device Location drop down menu field and a New Name field will appear. This will allow you to specify which device that you want to rename and also what the new name will be.

    Note: The Device Location can be determined from the LCI of the device under the Devices tab.

    If you do not wish to rename a device, then ensure that the Rename this entry on gateway option is unchecked and that the Friendly Name option matches the configuration of the device. Then only the Device Use field is configurable.

    Note: In the Device Use field, the LAN option is only applicable to Ethernet and WiFi. The WAN option is applicable to all network devices.

    6. Repeat from step 3 for each device that you wish to rename.

    7. The template is now ready to be published and deployed.