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    Uploading Logs from ALEOS Devices

    Log files are important for troubleshooting problems if a device goes off line, and can often be difficult to access if the device is not working properly. ALEOS devices can be configured to automatically upload their log files periodically to the AMM server so they are available in the case of a device failure.

    Uploading of log files is accomplished using the Uploadlog Tool AAF application, which is available to install from the AMM server. The ALEOS Application Framework must be installed in order to use the automatic log upload feature.

    Additional Information:

    • Device Limitations and Server Requirements for Uploading Logs
      • ALEOS devices must be running ALEOS minimum 4.8.0 with AAF application support. This feature is not supported on systems for which the minimum required ALEOS version is not available.
      • The AMM server version must be 2.16.1 or higher to support the upload logs feature, as the AAF application is not distributed with earlier server images.
    • Configuration Steps for Uploading Logs

      To upload logs:

      1. Ensure that AAF is enabled (MSCIID 10250=1; this change does not require a reboot to take effect).
      2. On the AMM server, navigate to Admin -> Software -> Distribution, select the desired devices, and click the Install/Upgrade Application(s) button. Select the uploadlog application and the latest version. Note:
        • This procedure will perform a first-time installation as well as application upgrade.
        • Only one application can be installed at a time, and the device must be rebooted in order for the application to be initialized. More than one application may be installed prior to rebooting the device to make them active.
      3. Schedule the installation if desired; otherwise it will download and install immediately the next time the device checks in.
      4. Once the desired application(s) are installed, right-click on the device in the navigation tree and select Request reboot.
        Once the device reboots, it will start periodically uploading log files to the server; no further configuration is required. If the AMM management tunnel is in use, log files will be sent through the encrypted management tunnel, otherwise, logs will be uploaded to the server via FTP.
        There are a few options in the uploadlogs configuration file that can be modified. See Uploadlog Tool for details on the configuration file and options.