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    Configuring Data Streaming


    An ALEOS device can be configured to send some basic operational data to an AMM server in a continuous stream to maintain optimum status information and to send optional data (e.g., vehicle telemetry data).

    Device Limitations and Server Requirements for Data Streaming

    ALEOS devices must be running ALEOS 4.8.0 or higher with AAF application support. This feature is not supported on systems for which the minimum required ALEOS version is not available.

    The AMM server must be running version or higher to support the data streaming feature (the AAF application is not distributed with earlier server images).

    Configuration Steps for Data Streaming

    Follow the steps below to set up data streaming for an ALEOS device:

    1 Ensure that AAF is enabled on the device (MSCIID 10250=1; this change does not require reboot to take effect).

    2 Navigate to Admin > Software Distribution on the AMM, select the desired devices, and click Upgrade Application(s). For more information see: Software Distribution.

    3 Select the AMMER application and the latest version.


    • This procedure will perform a first-time installation as well as an application upgrade.
    • Only one application can be installed at a time, and the device must be rebooted in order for the application to be initialized. More than one application may be installed prior to rebooting the device to make them active.

    4 Schedule the installation if desired; otherwise it will download and install immediately on next device check-in.

    5 Once the desired application(s) are installed, right-click on the device in the Gateway tree, select Request Reboot, and wait for the reboot to complete before proceeding to the next step.

    6 Navigate to Configuration > Deployment > Configuration Control on the AMM, select the affected devices, and click Revert. This will update the server’s collection of those devices’ configuration files. Once the check-in is complete, the ammerconfig file will appear as part of the collection of configuration files.

    If you want to modify the default settings, it is recommended that you make the changes to the configuration file on one device and then copy that configuration file to the rest of the fleet using the AMM’s copy configuration feature. To change the configuration file, click on the ammerconfig file and make the desired edits in the editor pane.