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    Updating AirLink OS Software

    To take advantage of new features available in the latest version of AirLink OS, update the software on your AirLink routers.

    You can use the local UI to update one router at a time or you can use AirLink Management Service (ALMS) to update one or multiple routers at the same time. For information on software updates using ALMS, see the Firmware Upgrade section of the AirVantage documentation.

    The AirLink OS software and radio module firmware are included in the .ufw file provided by Sierra Wireless.

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    Updating the Software

    To update AirLink OS software using the local UI:

    1. Download the latest .ufw file provided by Sierra Wireless on the Source.
    2. In AirLink OS, go to System > Admin > Software Update.

    4. Select the .ufw file and click Open. The progress bar shows each step of the update process, followed by your router rebooting.

    Software Image Management

    After a software upgrade, AirLink OS stores the previous software image to use as a backup, along with the corresponding device configuration. In the event that the router switches to the backup image, the stored device configuration is also applied to the router.

    Switch to Backup Image

    The SWITCH TO BACKUP IMAGE feature is intended as a last-resort action to return the router to a previously known operating state.

    The router will automatically switch to the backup image if the router fails to successfully completely boot after five successive attempts for whatever reason; intermittent power or incomplete/corrupted software, for example. The switch will occur prior to the sixth boot attempt.

    In addition to reverting to the last used software, switching to the backup image reverts any configuration changes made since the last software upgrade.

    To manually switch to the backup image:


    The router reboots. The backup image is now the active image, and the previous router configuration takes effect.

    The SWITCH TO BACKUP IMAGE button is now disabled because the router is already running the backup image.

    You must update the software to a different version than the image that was active before the switch if you no longer want the router to use the backup image. This behavior will change in a future AirLink OS release.


    The SYNCHRONIZE feature should be used only if advised by Sierra Wireless support. This recommendation may change following a future AirLink OS release.

    Clicking SYNCHRONIZE overwrites the previous backup image with the active image. Image switching is disabled (as shown below) until you update the software to a different version.

    The SYNCHRONIZE process also deletes the router configuration that was stored with the previous backup image, and does not store the current configuration with the new backup image. The router configuration is stored along with the backup image only when a software upgrade occurs.