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    Register activity enables you to easily add and activate new systems in one step. Once your systems are registered, you can start using AirVantage.

    Registration of a new AirLink gateway or router (AirLink LX, ES, GX, RV and MP devices)* includes one year of AirLink Complete. AirLink Complete is a subscription service that combines best-in-class network management software with AirLink Management Service (ALMS), industry-leading 247 technical support and an extended warranty.

    * For customers with XR Series devices (AirLink XR80, AirLink XR90) please note that these devices are not compatible with this type of ALMS account. You will need to convert your account to use these devices. Please contact Sierra Wireless for more information and to assist with this process.

    To take advantage of AirLink Complete, please register your device within 60 days of purchase. For more information, see the AirLink Complete page .

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    Register New Systems

    To individually register your AirLink gateway or your AirPrime module:

    • Enter your device serial number. AirVantage identifies your system type.
    • Enter the parameters of your system.
    • (Optional) Select whether to put the device into maintenance mode at registration. If you change Activate Device to OFF, the device is placed in inventory after registration. The system will activate after 60 days unless you manually activate it. For activation instructions, see How to activate a system?
    • (Optional) Select whether to preconfigure the device after clicking Register. To simplify your deployment, you can pre-designate the configuration you want AirVantage to apply when it connects the first time. For more information, see How to register systems with an initial configuration?
    • Click Register

    If AirVantage does not identify your system type (or misidentifies your system type) when you enter the serial number, click Select system type in the top left corner. The device catalog appears,and you can select your system type from there.

    Example for AirLink Gateways and Routers running ALEOS

    Example for AirLink Gateways and Routers running AirLink OS

    Example for AirPrime

    At first connection, AirVantage reads all the necessary information from the device and updates its database; based on the information returned by the device, the synchronization state will be shown. Clicking the synchronization icon will display details on the synchronization itself (warning, errors and other information).

    List of Registered Systems

    A system is created with the information you entered and added to the list: the last registered system is displayed first.

    These systems are displayed with the state NOT SYNCHRONIZED: they are activated but not synchronized yet.

    You can filter the list according to this status:

    NOT SYNCHRONIZED YET. AirVantage server is waiting for the first system communication.

    SYNCHRONIZED. Most of the system information are stored in the server database. Some noticeable changes in your system can be seen from this status: device IP changed, SIM changed, firmware changed locally.

    SYNCHRONIZED WITH WARNING. The system has communicated and has been synchronized with some optional parameters not readable, the firmware or an embedded application is unknown in AirVantage, the SIM is already in use e.g.: phone number.

    SYNCHRONIZED WITH ERROR. The system has been synchronized but some critical information sent by the device is unknown or conflicting with other systems already created in AirVantage: For example, the Serial number, IMEI or SIM card is already registered for another system.

    When system registration is complete:

    • the system state changes from Ready to Deployed
    • the communication frequency is set in AirVantage with the heartbeat read from the firmware
    • AirVantage is configured to retrieve the default status report at the same frequency as the heartbeat

    For information on airtime usage, see Default Status Report Parameters and associated data consumption .


    This section provides you with helpful procedures for common tasks.