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    How-to Video Series

    The How-to Video Series is a set of tutorials designed to help new users to perform the key operations on AirVantage’s web user interface.

    You should be able to perform the selected operation on your own by following the instructions in these videos. To keep the content simple, we have included only the basic instructions; for more details, please refer to the User Guide. You may not find the tutorial illustrated with the hardware type you use, however, the principles of the AirVantage operations should apply to other hardware types.

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    How to manage a large number of systems?

    AirVantage is a centralized console designed to manage a large number of systems. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use of filters, labels and sorting methods to manage your entire fleet, or specific groups of systems. To watch the video version, click on the screen above. Or, if you prefer, follow the steps below at your own pace. 1 / Filters 2 / Labels 3 / Sorting Managing your fleet (hundreds or even thousands of gateways) can quickly become time-consuming if your management tool has not been designed for large deployments.


    How to register and configure wireless modules?

    If you are an AirPrime module user, or also a programmable modem (GL and FX families) user, the first step to start using the AirVantage service is to register your devices in the system. Follow this tutorial to learn how to register one or more AirPrime module. To watch the video version, click on the screen above. In case something is not working as expected, you can check if your module is correctly configured in the troubleshoot section.