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    Key Features

    Over-the-air upgrade

    AirVantage is the preferred way for customers to upgrade their firmware over the air. It provides a comprehensive toolset to ease deployment and track the overall upgrade status of your fleet:

    • Easily upgrade all or selected modules
    • Monitor the progress and status of the deployment. In case of failure, simply apply Retry without redoing the setup.
    • AirVantage provides widgets showing which firmware versions are currently deployed on your modules.
    • The Sierra Wireless team provides regularly updated firmware packages on AirVantage, so you can keep your fleet up to date with the latest features and security patches.

    Configurable interactive dashboard

    • The Start Page Dashboard is user-configurable so you can decide which information about your systems fleet is most important, and how to display it.
    • Customize the widgets displayed here, and how they are displayed. To highlight distribution of firmware within your fleet, or online status for example.
    • The widgets are interactive, so for example by clicking on a pie chart segment you will be taken directly to a list of those devices.

    The key widgets that you will use to follow the firmware upgrade status of your module fleet include the following:

    System / Firmware Distribution

    This pie chart widget is divided into an inner and an outer section. The inner part shows the distribution of device types in your fleet. The outer section shows the distribution of firmware revisions installed on those sytems. Mouseover a slice/section to show fuller details. Click on a slice/section to drill down to the filtered list of applicable systems.

    Upgrade Status

    This powerful widget identifies systems in need of firmware upgrades, and lets you apply the latest reference build with a single click.

    Where all devices of a given type are already up to date, a green status icon is shown on the widget. If some or all devices of a given type need updating, an amber or red status is shown.


    AirVantage provides a way for administrators to create new user accounts and define what they can see and do.

    • An Administrator can define new access profiles and assign them to users
    • Audit log capture all operations with associated user
    • User access can be restricted using the user IP address

    Your Internet of Things project

    Unlimited FOTA Service is an application built on AirVantage. AirVantage is a powerful management platform for your devices, with the potential to innovate your business processes, service applications, and revenue streams.

    • Integrate your field data with operations, accounting, reporting, sales applications or systems
    • Create new web and mobile applications that add value to your employees, field workers, and customers

    Check the AirVantage section for details.