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How to create a subscription?

You can create a new subscription from the Subscriptions section of the Inventory activity.

  • Click on Inventory > Subscriptions.
  • Click on Create in the action bar or directly in the Actions column. A Create Subscription window opens.
  • Enter an Identifier (ICCID or ESN), Network identifier (IMSI) and/or Mobile Number depending on operator requirements.
  • Select an Operator and Operator Account (see How to create an operator or SMS account? for more information).
  • Click on Create.

Once the subscription is created and associated with a system, you can choose to display the phone number (Mobile Number parameter here) in the Systems section, by adding a Phone Number column in the systems table (for more information on how to add columns, see The section Resizable, Collapsible and Sortable Table Columns in How to use AirVantage ).