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    How to automate geo-selection of offer?

    It is very common in the IoT world to have one single type of device built in one single factory, that will then be shipped for deployment in different location worldwide. And usually, the activation offer that is picked at factory for test purposes is not the one suited for the end deployment.

    To automate logistics and select the correct geographical offer, you may want to set a rule that will automatically change offer to suit the targetted deployment. This can be done by detecting that a device is consuming usage in its deployment zone.

    Create an alert rule with a change offer action in case of usage in deployment country

    This how-to explains how, after having activated a device on the global Test Ready offer Pay per use Test Ready offer for the factory tests, you will automate a change of offer to the US bundle 10MB US bundle once you detect a usage consumption in United States.

    1. Click on Configure > Alert Rules.
    2. Click on Create. The New Alert Rule page opens.
    3. Select the Usage consumption from specified countries template.
    4. Set the alert:
      • Name
      • Description
    5. Change values of the pre-filled condition to modify the countries for which you want to detect consumption. In our example, United States of America.
    6. You also need to add a second condition on the system offer being the initial factory offer Pay per use Test Ready offer, so that once on the new offer 10MB US Bundle the rule is not triggering new change offers.
    7. Add the action Change Offer and select the offer corresponding to the US deployment.
    8. Optionally, you can also add other action such as sending an email if you want to be notified when the change offer occurs.
    9. Click on Save.

    Below shows the rule configured for our example:

    When the change offer to offer 10MB US Bundle will be triggered, remember that on one side all usages consumed after the change of offer will be counted on the new 10MB US Bundle offer. On the other side, the bundle size of the same 10MB US Bundle will be re-evaluated at the beginning of next month, based on the updated number of SIMs in the offer. For more details, you can refer to the billing section.

    Note that the alert will be raised as soon as we receive a consumption from a visited country listed as one target country in the rule, and will be cleared as soon as the change offer will be successful as the offer criteria will not be met any more.