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    How to be notified when pool usage is reached on an offer?

    If you have activated systems on a bundle offer, i.e. an offer defined on a specific pricing zone that pools data usages of the systems activated on it (as further described in Billing section ), you may be interested in knowing when the data pool has been consumed.

    The rule template “Pool usage overage” will raise an alert as soon as in case the monthly consumed data usage on the bundle pricing zone is either nearing the pool size or has just reached it (respectively 80% and 100% of the pool size). Passed this level of consumption, all additional data usages that will be consumed the same month by systems activated on this offer will result in overages.

    Please note that the Pool usage overage rule is focused on the pricing zone of the bundle and that any usage consumed in another zone will also result in overages, even if the pool size is not reached. Get notified when the pool size is reached on an offer.

    Note: this rule template will only work for commercial offers (as opposition to trials).

    Create an alert rule for pool overage

    1. Click on Configure > Alert Rules.
    2. Click on Create. The New Alert Rule page opens.
    3. Select the Pool usage overage template.
    4. Set the rule details:
      • Name
      • Description
    5. Select the offer on which you want to track the pool data usage. And then whether you want to be notified when nearing the pool size (80%) or reaching it (100%)
    6. Optionally enter an email to receive the notification.
    7. Click on Save.

    If the alert is raised, it will be displayed in the alert widget as an alert on an offer. From the alert, you’ll be able to drill down on the list of systems activated on this offer to take action.