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    How to cap my usage consumption?

    To avoid a rogue device to be consuming the whole connectivity bundle, or to avoid overconsumption after a theft, you may want to set limits on the usage consumption. This is a good way to prevent bill shock. This how-to explains how to create a rule that will automatically suspend a system if a given level of usage consumption is reached.

    Create an alert rule with a suspension action

    1. Click on Configure > Alert Rules.
    2. Click on Create. The New Alert Rule page opens.
    3. Select the Usage Limit Exceeded template.
    4. Set the alert:
      • Name
      • Description
    5. Optionally change values of the pre-filled condition to modify the service on which you want the rule to be trigged or the limit at which you want the suspension to occur.
    6. Optionally add a condition on the system if you need to restrict the rule to a subset of systems only. You can use for example use: ‘System is’ or ‘System has label’ and then choose the label of choice to restrict the rule target.
    7. Add the action Suspend.
    8. Optionally, you can also add other action such as sending an email if you want to be notified when the suspend occurs.
    9. Click on Save.

    For example if you want to suspend any system with label “Test” reaching 5MB of data consumption for current month, you have to setup your alert rule as below: