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    How to create a template?

    There are two ways to create templates: from scratch or based on a given system application.

    You can also have a look to Monitor Activity , in How to create a new system template?

    To create a template

    1. Click Configure > Templates
    2. Click + in the action bar:
    3. Select an application after checking From an Application (from Scratch) checkbox or a system after checking From a system checkbox.

      There are two options to create templates:

      • From a System: This approach allows you to select an existing system in AirVantage and use it to create a template that you can apply to other devices. This template will inherit the settings from the selected device. Before creating a template from a System ensure that the System is synchronized. To synchronize a System, select the System on the Monitor page and then click .
      • From an Application (from Scratch): When starting from an Application, you are creating a new template from scratch. To do so, you need to select the version of Application Firmware you want to start with, then select and configure the values that are required.
    4. Check and set parameters in the application configuration page as necessary.
    5. Click Save and name/or select your template. You can optionally describe your template; this will help you recognize it when loading a template.