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    How to review and edit a template or dataset?

    You can review a template or dataset configuration for checking or editing purpose from the Templates or Datasets sections.

    Toggle between “all data” and “only settings”

    When editing and viewing a template, only settings are displayed by default. You can choose to display all data including those that can not be changed. To proceed, click on the [Only Settings] button at the top right of the page.

    To review and edit a template or dataset

    1. Click Configure > Templates or Datasets
    2. Click on the [Details] icon. The template or dataset details appear in the system application configuration page. Modified and selected template or dataset settings appear highlighted (below, a template in Only Settings display mode):
    3. Click on Edit to further edit the template or dataset.
      • Browse for parameters to edit (see How to find parameters in an application configuration?).
      • Click on Save to save your edited template or dataset either under the same or a new name.