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    How to release an application?

    Applications are released from the My Apps section. You can also force a release if the application has already been released (for example if you’re in its development process). Only the application owner can force a "release again".

    • Click on Develop > My Apps.
    • Click on Release button in the menu bar. A window opens.
    • Browse to your application archive and select it.
    • You can open the Advanced Settings to:
      • Receive an email to be notified when the application will be released. It can take some time if your binary is very big
      • Publish your application automatically just after releasing it.
    • Click on Start to start releasing the application.
    • Click on Close when the application has been successfully downloaded.

    Your application is now released:

    You have to publish it to let it usable with your systems. Have a look how to publish an application howto.