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    How to be notified of new firmware releases?

    The Source is Sierra Wireless’ technical support website, and is a central repository for all product information, firmware releases and documentation.

    The Source has a registration and notification system that allows you to register to receive notifications of new information about your Sierra Wireless gateways, routers and embedded modules - including when new firmware versions have been released.

    Register on the Source to receive notifications of new firmware releases

    Go to The Source

    1. Click on the type of device for which you would like to receive notifications. If you want to subsribe to GX450 Firmware updates for example, select first “AirLink”, then the GX family and finally the GX450 product itself.

    2. On the left side of the page, click on the “Subscribe” button. You need to have an account on the Source, and be logged in for this feature to work.

    Any time new resources are released for the products you have subscribed to, you will receive an e-mail notification. This will inform you when new firmware releases have occured.

    Manage subscriptions

    You can manage your subscriptions by editing which devices you want to receive notifications for. On a device page click “Manage subscriptions”. It will take you to a page listing all devices and software, where you can manage those subscriptions.