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    How to upgrade firmware on my ALEOS gateways?

    You can upgrade the firmware on a single device or in bulk. The operation will handle the upgrade of the firmware as well as the radio module: if new radio module firmware is available, it is included with the ALEOS firmware package.

    Please watch this video tutorial for an overview.

    Identify the systems to upgrade

    Click on Monitor > Systems to view the list of your deployed AirLink Gateways The you will need to select one or several Systems from the list to be upgraded. As the firmware packages are specific per type of device, we advise that the selection contains devices of the same type. To this purpose, you can use the System type widget available in the dashboard carroussel or the grid filter:

    Then finetune your selection by optionally applying additional filters (labels, firmware version, etc…) to the displayed systems:

    You may then further restrict your selection using the tick boxes on the column at the left of the grid. Note that ticking the box in the header column will select all corresponding systems (not limited to the paginated view)

    Select the firmware you want to upgrade to

    You must be aware that it may take multiple hops to get from the current firmware version on an ALEOS gateway to the target firmware version. Refer to AirLink documentation Upgrading from older versions of ALEOS Firmware for more details. If the version you are using is a bit old and requires to follow an upgrade path, you will have to follow the indicated steps to upgrade your fleet.

    If you want to upgrade Verizon GX440 gateways, you may also be interested in these dedicated tools .

    After having selected the candidate systems for upgrade, click on the Upgrade Firmware button in grid menu. The Upgrade Firmware dialog box opens. It displays the list of firmware already available in MyApp. These are the firmware that have already been used at least once within your company. Choose firmware package in the Firmware drop-down menu.

    If upgrading to a new version the very first time it may be necessary to click the magnifying glass icon to search for new firmware among the Public Apps. Note that once the firmware is selected, it will be copied to your company’s My Apps list and will be available from the pull-down list for the next use. To search for a firmware for a specific type of device, you can search by firmware Name and/or firmware Revision as shown below:

    Optionally schedule the update

    By default the firmware will be updated on the next connection from the device. As for any operation, you can schedule the upgrade for a specified future date and time. Refer to paragraph How to schedule an operation from How to use Operations?

    Monitor upgrade success

    System Operations widget in system grid gives a summary status of the upgrade operation just launched. If the operation is still in progress, the overall status will be In progress. Once terminated, you will get the date of termination.

    For more information, click on the specific operation. It opens the operation details popup. From there, you can click on a specific system to view the different stepping stones of the firmware upgrade and/or the reason for error. You can also filter the result to spot the systems for which upgrade failed or the result for a specific system.

    Once the operation is terminated, if some upgrades did not go through, you can use the Retry button that will relaunch the operation on all the systems for which it failed or was cancelled.

    Note for NucALEOS Devices

    Using ALMS to updgrade NucALEOS devices requires that the device(s) have static, publically routable IP addresses.