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    How to register a list of systems?

    AirVantage supports registering multiple devices of the same time as a bulk upload operation, using a CSV file.

    To register multiple systems from a file:

    1. From the Register page, click Import a list.

    2. From the Import Systems dialog, select Download template.

    3. Populate the CSV file with the information for all the devices that you want to register.

      • For more information on how to fill out the CSV file, please review the table below.
    4. Select the CSV file you just populated for bulk system import.

    5. Click Send email notification when operation completed if you want to be notified by email when the import is completed.

    6. Select Activate Devices (default) to activate all devices on registration.

    7. Select the Offer you want to activate the devices on. All devices for a single bulk import and registration must be activated on the same Offer.

    8. Click Import once the CSV is selected.

    Bulk Registration CSV file format

    The file format is a .csv file (comma separated text file). Both comma ‘,’ and semi-colon ‘;’ are supported as separators.

    GATEWAY[IMEI] Mandatory for all device families IMEI or ESN of the gateway to be created.
    GATEWAY[SERIAL NUMBER] Mandatory for all devices running ALEOS or AirLink OS Serial Number of the gateway to be created. The serial number begins with 2 letters and can be from 13 to 16 characters (skip the dash ‘-’ if there is one). The serial number can be retrieved or scanned from the gateway.
    GATEWAY[REGISTRATION CODE] Mandatory for devices running AirLink OS Registration code of the system to be created. The Registration Code can be retrieved or scanned from the device label.
    NAME Optional Name to be set for the system.
    LABELS Optional One or more label(s) to be applied to the created system. For providing several labels, use the pipe ‘|’ separator.
    MSCI[HOST] Optional. Not required for devices communicating via LWM2M. To be filled in for the server-initiated option. If you are currently able to initiate communications out to the gateway either by public static IP or domain name, enter public IP address or complete domain name.
    COMMUNICATION[PASSWORD] Mandatory for devices communicating via MSCI. Not required for devices communicating via LWM2M. The password is required to allow ALMS to remotely change the ACEmanager password. Enter the ACEmanager password used to log in to this device directly. It is also used to enable the ALEOS server-initiated communication option.
    M3DA[PASSWORD] Mandatory for establishing M3DA connection The password is required for ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) applications.
    MQTT[PASSWORD] Mandatory for establishing MQTT connection with a message broker The password is required for running applications that report MQTT to AirVantage (AVTA, for example).
    SUBSCRIPTION[IDENTIFIER] The ICCID of an ECC SIM. Mandatory for registering an ECC in Inventory to a gateway or router. The ICCID must match the SIM installed in the router. For more information, see See How to merge ECC SIM cards with an AirLink router at Registration