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    ALMS Regions

    Delivering Diverse Data Residency Options with Multiple Local Instances

    AirLink Management Service has historically been available in two independent regions—North America (“NA”) and Europe (“EU”). Now Semtech is adding new regions to support more customers in different geographies. Semtech has always made security a priority, and we understand that where you store the data about your users and your devices matters. Moving your account and device information to an ALMS instance in your region ensures that your data will reside in your jurisdiction.

    Why Local Instances Matter

    A “local instance” refers to the deployment of the ALMS solution within a specific geographical location. ALMS is built on the AirVantage Platform from Semtech and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

    ALMS local instances can present several advantages:

    • Data Residency: Ensures that data is processed and stored closer to where it’s generated, within a specific region or country. This can be important for business-critical or mission-critical organizations to comply with organizational policies or regulatory requirements. Our data residency policies ensure that all account, router and user data is located in the instance and is never transmitted outside the country.
    • Higher Availability and Redundancy: Each ALMS instance is deployed in an AWS Region and is deployed across three AWS Availability Zones for redundancy. This enables ALMS to remain resilient to a wide array of failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures. Daily data backups further mitigate the risk of data loss, with all backups securely stored within their respective Regions.

    Regional Overview and Comparison

    Australia (AU) Coming soon Australia, New Zealand Asia Pacific (Sydney) ALMS 1 Pre-paid 2 GLOBAL
    Canada (CAD) Yes Canada Canada (Central) ALMS Pre-paid NA
    Europe (EU) Yes Rest of World 3 Europe (Ireland) ALMS, Connectivity Pre-paid, Direct Billing GLOBAL
    North America (NA) Yes USA, Mexico US West (Oregon) ALMS, Connectivity Pre-paid, Direct Billing NA

    1 The ALMS feature set is identical across all regions. The NA and EU regions also support Semtech Connectivity and can be managed from an ALMS account. AU and CAD accounts cannot manage Semtech Connectivity.

    2: Offers are used to provide AirLink Services. Pre-Paid (through your Semtech Partner) or Direct Billing (direct with Semtech). The majority of accounts, and the default account configuration is Pre-Paid with your Semtech Partner. For more information on offers please refer to the user documentation.

    3: For customers outside the identified countries, we suggest using the EU region for account creation. Please contact Semtech Support if you have any questions or need a recommendation on where to create your account.

    ALMS supports the following router models: AirLink GX450, ES450, LX40, LX60, RV50, RV50X, RV55, MP70, RX55, XR60, XR80, XR90

    Unsupported Models

    As of May 31, 2024 the following models are no longer supported for the registration of new devices: AirLink LS300, GX400/440, ES400/440, Raven PinPoint, MP

    Devices previously registered in an ALMS account will continue to function.

    Firmware Releases

    Many AirLink router models have been in the field for many years, and there have been a large number of firmware releases during that time. For the new regions, we have not migrated all the old firmware releases to the new regions. This will have no impact on the functionality of the routers, but may result in a synchronization error in ALMS. This can be resolved by upgrading the router to the latest firmware release and synchronizing the router.

    Moving Your Account to the Canadian Instance

    Existing accounts in NA and EU regions can be moved to the CAD region. To move your account and devices to your region and instance, contact Semtech to open a Support ticket.

    Please note that moving your account involves moving users and devices from one region to another. During this process, devices will be deleted from the original region and re-registered in the new one. All services will transfer, but device history will be lost. In addition, you will need to re-create system entities such as templates and alert rules in the new account.

    To create a new account in the CAD region, go to The email address used for your account can not be used in any other AirVantage instances.