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    AirLink Management Service

    AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is a best-in-class, secure, cloud-based management system for Sierra Wireless AirLink devices. It provides full operational awareness of any size deployment coupled with over-the-air management.

    On this page you will find the links to:

    • How-To Videos
    • Getting Started tutorial
    • What’s New: the latest improvements updated on a quarterly basis and
    • References: describes the user interface.

    Supported AirLink devices purchased after January 2019 are eligible to receive access to one year of AirLink Complete, which includes access to ALMS. For more information on AirLink Complete, please see our web site.

    To register your devices for AirLink Complete, please login to your ALMS Account and register your devices or go to the AirLink Complete customer registration page and provide the required information.

    Support for XR Series Routers

    The XR Series routers require a new ALMS for registration and activation of the router. Even if you have been using ALMS for years, you will need to create a new account to support the new XR Series devices. You can either create a new account now using the link below, or contact Customer Support to assist with the process. If you would prefer to trial an XR Series device, it is recommended that you keep the accounts separate for the current time. You must use a different email address to create the new ALMS account than you currently use to log in to your existing ALMS account.

    During the account creation process you will have the option to provide billing information. You do not need to provide it - it is completely optional. You can provide it if you want to try the Sierra Wireless SIMs and Connectivity solutions.

    Once the account is created, you can request that Sierra Wireless create a partnership between your old and new ALMS accounts and then you will be able to use a single email address to access either account.

    Get Your ALMS Account

    What's New

    "What's New" content is included in the main AirVantage product UI. Please refer to this page for more information.