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AirLink Management Service can remotely monitor and configure AirLink ALEOS gateways and routers. The latter includes the GX, LS, ES, Raven, Pinpoint and MP Series. It does not include the Helix router.

AirLink Management Service is a cloud-based remote device management application. This means Sierra Wireless operates it as a service. You access it using a web browser. There is no software to download/ install and no ongoing maintenance required by the customer.

Which mobile operators does the service work with?

AirLink Management Service is operator independent. It will work with all mobile operators on which AirPrime and AirLink devices can be deployed.

Yes. We offer a 30-days trial. The trial is a fully functional trial allowing access to all features and allowing you to add as many devices as you wish.

You can purchase AirLink Management Service from the same authorized reseller that supplies your Sierra Wireless’ hardware. All resellers are trained and able to support your AirLink Management Service user experience.

ACEManager allows you to configure an AirLink ALEOS device using a web browser. ACEManager resides on the device and allows you to configure only that device. AirLink Management Service provides a one-to-many solution for both monitoring the status of all your devices as well as configuring all of your devices.

Does AirVantage require my devices to have public IP Addresses?

No. Unlike most device management applications, AirLink Management Service has been designed to support a device-initiated communication model. This allows your devices to remain privately secured behind your firewall (or your network operator’s firewall) and still communicate with AirVantage.

Can AirVantage work with operator private networks?

Yes. It is simply a matter of configuring your network to allow management traffic to AirVantage. Remember, you need only allow outgoing traffic because of our device-initiated communication model. You can maintain all inbound firewall protection.

Yes. AirVantage Management Service is the preferred way for customers to upgrade their firmware and embedded application over the air. The firmware is delivered automatically to customers via AirVantage, and can be applied to all or selected group of devices easily.

What are the supported Web browsers?

The compatible Web browsers are: Internet Explorer (9 and later), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

It is highly recommended to choose Google Chrome. Safari and Firefox come second and then IE.

What are the Default Status Report Parameters?

This status report is automatically created upon system first connection to the AirLink Management Services.

The list of default parameters requested as part of a status report can be found in this dedicated section.

What are the Default Data Consumption?

The default data consumptions for LinALEOS devices for a heartbeat only or a heartbeat + status report can be found in this dedicated section. Consumption data are given for both HTTP and HTTPS configurations.

How can I check AirVantage health?

A link in the login page permits to access the Airvantage status page, on which transparent information can be found on:

  • Live operational state of the different components
  • Next planned maintenance windows
  • Incidents that have occured in the past

ALMS Free Tier FAQs

Frequenty asked questions on the ALMS Free Tier...

Q: Do I have to Do Anything to Take Advantage of the Free Tier?

A: No, this transition happened automatically the evening of May 9/10th. Customers with less than 15 devices were transitioned to the ALMS Free Tier product level. Your account will no longer require you to purchase tokens, your devices will not consume tokens and your account will not expire. For customers with 16 or more devices you will remain in the standard ALMS offering. You active devices (i.e. those not in Maintenance Mode) will continue to consume tokens normally.

Q: What Happens When I Register my 16th Device?

A: As an ALMS Free Tier customer, when you try and register devices that move you beyond the 15 device limit, the ALMS user interface (UI) will warn you that you cannot register the devices until you purchase tokens, and convert your account to the standard ALMS product. Once past the Free Tier threshold, token consumption occurs on all active devices in your account.

Q: How Do I Purchase Tokens for My Account

A: Please send a purchase order to your Sierra Wireless Partner for an appropriate volume of ALMS Service Packs (1 ALMS Service Pack is $18, and provides 1 year of ALMS access for 1 device). Once received, our team will populate tokens into your account, and convert it from the Free Tier to the standard ALMS offering.

Q: I Have Less Than 15 Devices but Have Tokens in my Account. What Happens to Them?

A: They will remain in your account, and will not be consumed. Once your account grows to more than 15 devices, we can convert you to a standard ALMS account, and those tokens will start to be used.

Q: The 15 device limit – is That All Devices, or Just Active Devices?

A: The 15 devices limit is on all devices in your account, regardless of what state they are in. We recommend that you delete any inactive devices that are no longer required in your account. If your account is small, this basic account clean up could be the difference between having free access, and needing to purchase tokens.

Q: I was an ALMS Customer, and Have Deleted Inactive Devices and I am Now Below 15 Devices. How Do I Convert MY Account to the Free Tier?

A: Please reach out to your Sierra Wireless Partner with your details. We will review your account, and where appropriate convert you to a Free Tier account.